Full Form of COO : Chief Operating Officer

What is the full form of COO?

No:1. The full form of COO is Chief Operating Officer.
No:2. The COO is in control of the corporation’s day to day administration and running.
No:3. The COO directly reports to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and is regard as his right-hand.
No:4. The COO is also recognized for being the Executive Vice President of Operations in some companies.
No:5. A company’s CEO is too engaged in strategic planning and the management of relations with both clients and other trading partners.
No:6. He can’t commit sufficient time to tasks every day.
No:7. Thus, a COO is need who will monitor and ensure daily operations are enforce and connect to the CEO.

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Eligibility criteria

No:1. A degree in business administration or related sector is preferred
No:2. Clear management skills and professional leadership
No:3. Problem-solving and decision-making abilities
No:4. A good understanding of the positions of organizations such as HR, Ads, Accounting, Growth etc.
No:5. Relevant career experience and excellent track record in similar posts.

Responsibilities of COO

No:1. Implementing approaches built by the CEO and the Board of Directors by team engagement and leadership.
No:2. Supervising the planning of the corporate budgets and reviewing the routine business output indicators.
No:3. Offer success and promote leadership and ownership by actively participating in all company decisions.
No:4. Participation in the production of the budget preparation exercise via the active help of the CEO & COO and their regular review to determine the progress and difficulties faced in the same activity.

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