Computer GK Questions in English - SSC NOTES PDF
Computer GK Questions in English

Computer GK Questions in English

A Computer is one of the great inventions of human that united the entire human race under single umbrella of modern technology. It is a programmable device that can perform logical and arithmetic calculation. We are sharing here Computer General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers that are the most important Computer GK Questions in English for class 6. These are Best Computer General Knowledge Questions Answers for increasing your GK Level. We hope these Computer GK Questions Answers will definitely increase your knowledge about the Computer Basic Knowledge.

Computer GK Questions in English 

Que:- 1. Who is called the father of computer?

Ans. Charles Babbage

Que:-2. When was the modern computer invented?

Ans. 1946

Que:-3. When did the revolution come in the field of computer?

Ans. 1960

Que:-4. When is Computer Literacy Day celebrated?

Ans. On 2nd December of every year

Que:-5. When was the new computer policy announced in India?

Ans. 1984

Que:-6. What is the term memory related to?

Ans. from storage

Que:-7. Which is called the Silicon Valley of India?

Ans. Bangalore

Que:-8. Which is the first computer manufactured in India?

Ans. Siddhartha

Que:-9. Who made India first super computer?

Ans. Professor Vijay Bhatkar

Que:-10. Which is the first computerized post office in India?

Ans. New Delhi

Que:-11. Which political party first made its website on computer?

Ans. Bharatiya Janata Party

Que:-12. Who is the inventor of WWW?

Ans. Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Que:-13. Which is the world’s first digital computer?

Ans. ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer)

Que:-:-14. What is the name of the world’s largest computer network?

Ans. Internet

Que:-15. Which is the first newspaper of India to be available on the Internet?

Ans. The Hindu

Que:-16. Which is the first magazine of India to be available on the Internet?

Ans. India today

Que:-17. What is the function of the Central Processing Unit of a computer?

Ans. Calculations and Processing

Que:-18. 1 byte is equal to how many bits?

Ans. 8 bit

Que:-19. 1 Kilobyte (KB) is equal to how many bytes?

Ans. 1024 bytes

Que:-20. 1 Megabyte (MG) is equal to how many kilobytes?

Ans. 1024 KB

Computer GK Questions in English 

Que:-21. 1 gigabyte (GB) is equal to how many megabytes?

Ans. 1024 MB

Que:-22. 1 Terabyte is equal to how many Gigabytes?

Ans. 1024 GB

Que:-23. What is the full form of ASCII CODE?

Ans. American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Que:-24. What is the name of the founder of Facebook?

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg

Que:-25. Who developed the Integrated Circuit Chip?

Ans. Jack Kilby

Que:-26. Which state has the highest number of internet users in India?

Ans. Maharashtra (61% Active Internet users)

Que:-27. IC chips used in computers are made of……?

Ans. Silicone

Que:-28. Which state of our country has first provided telephone directory on the Internet?

Ans. Sikkim State

Que:-29. Who made the first computer mouse?

Ans. Douglas Engelbart

Que:-30. Who invented the first mechanical calculator?

Ans. Blaise Pascal

Que:-31. When was the world’s first supercomputer made?

Ans. 1976

Que:-32. What is the full form of HTML?

Ans. Hyper Text Mark Up Language

Que:-33. Who developed the BASIC computer language?

Ans. John G. Kemeny

Que:-35. What is the default file extension of a word document?

Ans. DOC

Que:-36. What is the full form of OCR?

Ans. Optical Character Recognition

Que:-37. Which country has the most users of Twitter?

Ans. Turkey

Que:-38. Which hardware is used to read the disc?

Ans. Disk Drive

Que:-39. Which is the first counting machine?

Ans. Abacus

Que:-40. When did the Internet start in INDIA?

Ans. August 15, 1995

Computer GK Questions in English  

Que:-41. When was the BASIC computer language developed?

Ans. 1964

Que:-42. Which computer language is used for commercial purposes?


Que:-43. What is ICMP used for?

Ans. Error Reporting

Que:-44. What is the purchase and sale of goods using the Internet called?

Ans. E-commerce

Que:-45. Which computer language is used on the Internet?

Ans. Java

Que:-46. How many Function Keys in the keyboard?

Ans. 12

Que:-47. Which is the fastest printer?

Ans. Laser printer

Que:-48. What is URL?

Ans. Address of a page on the World Wide Web

Que:-49. Which is the most popular operating system?

Ans. Windows

Que:-50. What format do DVDs use?

Ans. MPEG-2 format

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