Full Form of CFT : Complement Fixation Test

What is the full form of CFT?

No:1. CFT stands for Complement Fixation Test.
No:2. It is one of the major traditional tests (diagnostic examination of blood serum) used to detect an antibody in a person’s blood serum, based on whether fixation occurs or not.
No:3. CFT is mainly use to diagnose infections. It was introduce by Wasserman in 1909.
No:4. In the beginning, it was extensively use in syphilis serology.
No:5. Complement is a protein (globulin) present in normal blood serum.
No:6. It binds to antigen-antibody (Ag-Ab) complex (immune complex) formed during the antigen-antibody reaction.
No:7. The complement fixation to complex results in lysis of cell, on which the Ag-AB complex is form.
No:8. So, when a complement takes part in antigen-antibody complexes, it is fix or bound to the antigen-antibody complex.
No:9. When the complex is on bacteria, red blood cells or other cells, the complement causes the lysis of the cells involved.

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More about CFT

No:1. The terminal components of the complement damage the cell membranes in the presence of a specific antibody, which fixes complement to the cell surface.
No:2. In the CFT, Reb Blood Cells ( erythrocytes) are used as the target cell, as complement induced damage of the cell membrane can be measured as an increase in free hemoglobin.
No:3. When specific antibodies in response to an infectious agent are present in the blood serum, a complement in the system is bound to the Ag-Ab complex, leaving no residual complement to react with antibodies that belong to the erythrocytes, so hemolysis will not occur.
No:4. So, the absence of hemolysis confirms the presence of specific antibodies in the blood serum.
No:5. If hemolysis occurs, it means, the specific antibody is not present in the blood serum.


No:1. It can detect a large number of viral and bacterial infections at the same time.
No:2. It is an economical test.

Important MCQ’s

Que.-1.’नाजीवाद’ की स्थापना किसने की?

(a) अब्राहम लिंकन

(b) ओलिवर क्रामवेल

(c) एडोल्फ हिटलर

(d) बिस्मार्क

Ans : (c) एडोल्फ हिटलर

Que.-2.’पृथ्वीराज रासो’ के लेखक कौन है?

(a) विद्यानाथ

(b) चंदबरदाई

(c) कृष्णदेव राय

(d) विद्यापति

Ans : (b) चंदबरदाई

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