Full Form of CFL : Full Form of CFL is Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

What is the Full form of CFL?

No:1. The full form of CFL is a fluorescent lamp.
No:2. It is an energy-saving bulb that consumes much less energy than the conventional incandescent lamps.
No:3. CFL is made of a glass tube, along with two electrodes.
No:4. The glass tube contains a mixture of argon gas & mercury vapour and is filled with phosphorus on the inner surface.

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History of CFL

No:1. For CFL there is a significant revolution in light history, the CFL is a generation of Electric Lamp and history was made by Peter Cooper Hewitt in the 1890th Century.
No:2. However, at the time the CFL price was supposed to be high, so the CFL was also redesigned in 1939 and later it was cheap.
No:3. The CFL is updated again in the 1976 century and cost became cheap.

Working principle of CFL

No:1. It has various illumination generating pathways than that of the incandescent lamps.
No:2.  An electric current in a bright light travels via a wire filament.
No:3. It heats the thread to create a light, as well as the filament glows—the current in CFL transfers via the tube that contains the blend of argon gas & mercury vapour.
No:4. The current activates the mercury vapour that generates UV light.

Benefits of CFL

No:1. It uses less energy than incandescent lamps between 60-80 per cent.
No:2. It lasts longer than normal lamps and uses less energy, so in the long run, it’s much less costly.
No:3. It helps reduce CO2 emissions as CFL produces fewer CO2 emissions than an incandescent lamp.
No:4. CFLs are versatile and highly efficient. They arrive in a variety of sizes, shapes & capacities to suit various home decors and objectives.
No:5. They can also be conveniently used in various light fixtures including ceiling lamps, table lamps, dimmer lamps and so on.
No:6. It generates less heat because much of the energy is transferred into visible light, meaning that much less heat is transferred.

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