Full Form of BTC : Bodo Territorial Council
No:1. BTC stands for Bodo Territorial Council.
No:2. It is an autonomous district council for the Bodoland Territorial Region in India. It was create in February 2003.
No:3. There are 40 elected members in BTC besides this it also has 6 additional members that are appointed by the Governor of Assam.
No:4. BTC was establish as per the Amended Sixth Schedule of Indian Constitution after a Memorandum of Settlement was signed between Govt. of India, Govt. of Assam and Bodo Liberation Tigers.
No:5. It was create for the development of the BTC area and to preserve the land-rights and identity of the Bodos.
No:6. It comprises four districts that include Kokrajhar, Udalguri, Baksa and Chirang. These districts are carve out of seven other districts.

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More about BTC

No:1. The area that comes under the jurisdiction of BTC is known as Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR).
No:2. The main source of livelihood for the people of this region is agro-base business.
No:3. Big industry and other job opportunities are very rare in this region.
No:4. The head of the BTC is a Speaker and the head of its executive committee is Chief Executive Member.
No:5. The tenure of the last council was complete on 27 April 2020.
No:6. The elections for the new council were postpone due to COVID-19 pandemic and during this pandemic, it is under the Governor’s rule until a new council is elect through elections.

Power of BTC

No:1. It has complete control over the officers and staff that work in the BTC area and can transfer them from one location to another location in the BTC area.
No:2. It has the power to make appointments for the work profiles under its jurisdiction as per the rules of Govt. of Assam.
No:3. Its executive functions are exercise through its Principal Secretary who is an officer of the rank equivalent to that of Secretary to Govt. of Assam.
No:4. It also has executive, administrative and financial powers related to the subjects that are transfer to it such as Agriculture, Soil Conservation, Dairy Development, etc.

Important MCQ

Que.-1. मौसम विज्ञान अनुसंधान संस्थान कहाँ पर स्थित है?

(a) दहरादून

(b) कोलकाता

(c) नई दिल्ली

(d) मुम्बई

Ans : (c) नई दिल्ली

Que.-2. सूर्य के सबसे नजदीकी ग्रह कौन है ?

(a) शुक्र

(b) पृथ्वी

(c) मंगल

(d) बुध

Ans : (d) बुध

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