Best GK Questions and Answers in English for IAS Exams - SSC NOTES PDF
Best GK Questions and Answers in English for IAS Exams

Best GK Questions and Answers in English for IAS Exams

In this article, we have brought for you a collection of  “General Knowledge – GK Questions and Answers in English” which are always asked in various competitive exams like IAS, NDA, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway (RRB), UPSC, State Level Competitive Exams, State Public Service Commission(PSC), SSSC, Police Constable, Sub Inspector, CBI, CPO Exam, Railway Recruitment Board Exams, Banking & Insurance Sector Exams,  check your GK skills and improve your General Knowledge (GK). Practice with these selected GK Questions and Answers in English for better results. 

Best GK Questions and Answers in English for IAS Exams

Que:- 1. Where is Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research located?

Ans: Tamil Nadu, Kalpakkam

Que:- 2. Who was the author of Mahabharata?

Ans: Ved Vyas

Que:- 3. Who was the Femina Miss India winner of 2015?

Ans: Aditi Arya

Que:- 4. What is the number of members of the European Union?

Ans: 28

Que:- 5. On which river “Sardar Sarovar Dam” is built?

Ans: Narmada

Que:- 6. Where is the headquarters of UNESCO located?

Ans: Paris

Que:- 7. Who has been the Miss World of 2014?

Ans: Rolene Strauss

Que:- 8. What is the full form of SEBI?

Ans: Securities and Exchange Board of India

Que:- 9. Miss World Rollen Strauss is a resident of which country?

Ans: South Africa

Que:- 10. On which date is National Mathematics Day celebrated?

Ans: On December 22

Que:- 11. In which year was the Reserve Bank of India established?

Ans: In 1935

Que:- 12. Nasdaq is the share market of which country?

Ans: American

Que:- 13. With which is the Eleventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution related?

Ans: From Panchayati Raj

Que:- 14. In the Constitution of India, provisions of Center-State relations have been taken from the Constitution of which country?

Ans: Canada

Que:- 15. Which Article of the Constitution deals with equality before law?

Ans: Article 14

Best GK Questions and Answers in English for IAS Exams

Que:- 16. Under which Article of Indian Constitution, Parliament can legislate on any subject of the State List?

Ans: Article 249

Que:- 17. Who appoints the chairman and members of the Human Rights Commission?

Ans: Governor

Que:- 18. Which Article of the Constitution contains provisions related to the defense of the fundamental rights of a captive person?

Ans: Article – 22

Que:-  19. How many members can be nominated by the President for Rajya Sabha?

Ans: 12

Que:- 20. In which article of the constitution it is described that the entire process of Supreme Court of India will be done in English language?

Ans: Article – 348

Que:- 21. Who was the first woman judge of the High Court?

Ans: Fatima Biwi

Que:- 22. By which Act was the provision for the establishment of the Supreme Court first made?

Ans: Regulating Act

Que:- 23. Who was elected the temporary president of the Constituent Assembly?

Ans: Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha

Que:- 24. Which state first established Panchayati Raj system?

Ans: Rajasthan

Que:- 25. Which Article of Indian Constitution is related to freedom of press?

Ans: Article – 19

Que:- 26. What is the detailed meaning of MNREGA?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Que:- 27. A separate Scheduled Tribes Commission has been formed by which Article of the Constitution?

Ans: Article – 338

Que:- 28. By which constitutional amendment the age of voters was 18?

Ans: 61st Constitution Amendment

Que:- 29. Who was the Chairman of ‘State Reorganization Commission’ constituted in the year 1953?

Ans: Justice Fazal Ali

Que:- 30. By which amendment of the Constitution Gram Sabha came into existence?

Ans: 73rd Constitution Amendment

Que:- 31. Which Article of the Constitution provides provisions for cultural and educational fundamental rights?

Ans: Articles 29 and 30

Que:- 32. Who invented the barometer?

Ans: Evangelista Torricelli

Que:- 33. In which Article of the Constitution is the provision related to election?

Ans: Article 324 to 329

Best GK Questions and Answers in English for IAS Exams

Que:- 34. From which year has the Lokpal and Lokayukta Act come into force?

Ans: 2014

Que:- 35. On which day did the 73rd Constitution Amendment Act come into force?

Ans: 24 April 1993

Que:- 36. Under which Article of the Constitution, the Governor of the States has the power to issue ordinances?

Ans: Article – 213

Que:- 37. Where is the “National Chemical Laboratory” located?

Ans: Pune

Que:- 38. When did the RTI Act come into force in India?

Ans: October 12, 2005

Que:- 39. Which country has announced to use Zika vaccine on humans?

Ans: Canada

Que:-  40. Who invented the typewriter machine?

Ans: Christopher Latham Sholes

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