B. Tech Full Form

B. Tech Full Form

Full Form of B. Tech: Full Form of B. Tech is Bachelor of Technology

What is the full form of B.Tech?

No:1. The full form of B.Tech is Bachelor of technology.

No:2. It is an undergraduate engineering degree awarded in many countries such as India, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, etc.

No:3. The period of B. Tech course of study varies from 3-4 years, depending on the different nations and academic institutions.

No:4. B. Tech is a 4 year undergraduate course in India that is split into eight semesters.

Some of the top colleges and institutions that offers a B. Tech In India are:

No:1. IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) : There are currently 16 IITs in India.

No:2. NIT (National Development Institute) : There are about 30 NITs in India.

Also there are some private and public universities and institutes to pursue B.Tech courses.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in B.Tech Course :

No:1. Pass out from Class 12th or (10 + 2)th from science stream is the qualification needed to apply for admission to the B.Tech program.

No:2. Students who have taken PCM ( Physics Chemistry and Mathematics) as compulsory subjects are favoured for the B.Tech course.

No:3. Candidates in PCM subjects must have secured a minimum aggregate mark of 60% .

No:4. Students who have graduated from 10th class or 12th class in technical trades can apply for admission to B.Tech courses offered by India’s engineering colleges.

About B.Tech Entrance examinations :

Nearly 11 lacs candidates take up engineering entrance examinations in the country yearly.

Different types of entrance examinations to B.Tech courses are given below:

No:1. JEE Main (Joint Entrance Examination Main)

No:2. JEE Advanced

No:3. National Level Engineering Entrance Examination

No:4. State Level Engineering Entrance Examination

No:5. West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE)

No:6. Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination (UPSEE)

No:7. Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test

No:8. Institute Specific Engineering Entrance Exams

No:9. VIT Engineering Entrance Examination(VITEEE)

Specialization options in B.Tech courses are given below :

Engineering is an ever-evolving area with so many existing branches of it. New specialization options continue to evolve with the advancement of new technologies, which are listed below :

No:1. Civil engineering

No:2. Electrical engineering

No:3. Chemical engineering

No:4. Mechanical engineering

No:5. Aerospace engineering

No:6. Biological engineering

No:7. Industrial engineering, etc.

Difference between two engineering courses B.Tech(Bachelor of Technology) and B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) are :

No:1. In nature B.E. courses are more theoretical while BTech courses are more realistic.

No:2.  The main difference between these 2 degree programs is in terms of the taught course material and orientation of the programme.

Career after done with B.Tech program :

No:1. It could be considered a skill-oriented program.

No:2. After B.Tech, private companies recruit students for entrance-level work positions in tech jobs.

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