Full Form of ASLV : Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

What is the full form of ASLV ?

No:1. ASLV stands for Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle.
No:2. It is a launch vehicle which is designed and operated by ISRO.
No:3. It was developed to augment the payload capacity to 150 kg (thrice that of SLV-3), so that satellites weighing up to 150 kg could be placed into Low Earth Orbits (LEO).
No:4. It is a five stage vehicle that uses solid propellant in all the five stages.
No:5. It is 24 meters in length with lift off weight of around 40 tonnes.
No:6. The ASLV project began in the early 1980s to develop the technologies required to place a payload into a geostationary orbit.
No:7. In this project, ISRO also mastered the strap-on technology which is widely used in the PSLV programme of ISRO.
No:8. The payload of ASLV was Stretched Rohini Satellite series.

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Development Flights under ASLV Programme

Under the ASLV programme four development flights were conducted from the SLV launch pad at the Sriharikota High Altitude Range :
No:1. The first developmental flight was conducted on March 24, 1987. It was not successful.
No:2. The second developmental flight was conducted on July 13, 1988. It was not successful.
No:3. The third developmental flight was conducted on 20 May, 1992. It was a partial failure.
No:4. The fourth developmental flight was conducted on 4 May 1994. It was successful.
No:5. After the final launch in the year 1994, the ASLV program was indefinitely disbanded or terminated.

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