Arts Quiz Questions and Answers

Arts Quiz Questions and Answers

Arts Quiz Questions and Answers:-Art is something that we all enjoy to look at, as it is one way to show the beauty of the world. Most artists put their stories and experiences into their works of art be it music or a drawing. Take up the quiz below and see…

Arts Quiz Questions and Answers

No.-1.  Which of these is a paint made from pigments and plastic?

(a) Acrylic

(b) Gesso

(c) Acetone

(d) Tempera

Answer: A

No.-2.  Early photographers made their images on which of these materials?

(a) Glass

(b) Stone

(c) Paper

(d) Plastic

Answer: A

No.-3.  To which artistic movement does Paul Gauguin’s The Yellow Christ belong?

(a) Impressionism

(b) Bauhaus

(c) Cloisonnism

(d) Fauvism

Answer: C

No.-4.  What does the Venus of Brassempouy represent?

(a) a woman’s head

(b) an angel

(c) a human figure

(d) an old man

Answer: A

No.-5.  Which architect founded the Bauhaus school of design?

(a) Walter Gropius

(b) Frank Gehry

(c) I.M. Pei

(d) Frank Lloyd Wright

Answer: A

No.-6.   Who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

(a) Henri Matisse

(b) Maya Lin

(c) Frank Gehry

(d) Frank Lloyd Wright

Answer: B

No.-7.  What did I.M. Pei design outside the Louvre, in Paris?

(a) Sarcophagus

(b) Obelisk

(c) Ziggurat

(d) Pyramid

Answer: D

No.-8.  Which one of these is not a well-known Indian sculptor?

(a) Ramkinkar Baij

(b) Henry Moore

(c) Kumaradeva

(d) Krishna Reddy

Answer: B

No.-9.  What animal often symbolizes peace in art?

(a) Dog

(b) Duck

(c) Deer

(d) Dove

Answer: D

No.-10.  What was the subject of the earliest known paintings?

(a) Animals

(b) Landscapes

(c) Sports

(d) Flowers

Answer: A

Art Quiz Question

No.-11.  What Dutch artist is famous for his strange geometrical puzzles?

(a) M.C. Escher

(b) Pieter Breughel

(c) Vincent Van Gogh

(d) Jan Van Eyk

Answer: A

No.-12.  Which of these artists is famous for using human paintbrushes?

(a) Paul Cezanne

(b) Yves Klein

(c) Giorgio Vasari

(d) Jackson Pollock

Answer: B

No.-13.  Which of these artists used musical terms such as “nocturne” and “harmony” to describe his pictures?

(a) Vincent van Gogh

(b) Leonardo da Vinci

(c) Edgar Degas

(d) James Whistler

Answer: D

No.-14.  Who was the first famous artist of the Italian Renaissance?

(a) Michelangelo

(b) Mantegna

(c) Masaccio

(d) Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: C

No.-15.  With what painter did Jean-Michel Basquiat collaborate?

(a) Roy Lichtenstein

(b) Andy Warhol

(c) Claude Monet

(d) Willem de Kooning

Answer: B

No.-16.   Which artist is best known for her large-scale paintings of poppies?

(a) Judith Leyster

(b) Georgia O’Keeffe

(c) Joan Miro

(d) Annie Leibovitz

Answer: B

No.-17.  Which of these painters did not work during the Renaissance?

(a) Titian

(b) Michelangelo

(c) Raphael

(d) Salvador Dali

Answer: D

No.-18.  Which of these was not a Renaissance artist?

(a) Henry Moore

(b) Michelangelo

(c) Raphael

(d) Leon Battista Alberti

Answer: A

No.-19.  What did Jan van Eyck paint on, mostly?

(a) Wooden panels

(b) Canvas

(c) Glass

(d) Cotton

Answer: A

No.-20.  Which of these artists made a well-known drawing of Don Quixote?

(a) Jan van Eyck

(b) Rembrandt

(c) Pablo Picasso

(d) Paloma Picasso

Answer: D

No.-21.  How many foot positions are there in ballet?

(a) 5

(b) 17

(c) 10

(d) 1

Answer: A

Art Solved Quiz Question

No.-22.  Who founded the Ballets Russes?

(a) Frederic Chopin

(b) Sergey Diaghilev

(c) Pyotr Tchaikovsky

(d) Mikhail Baryshnikov

Answer: B

No.-23.  What is the name for a traditional Argentine music and dance?

(a) Toreador

(b) Tango

(c) Waltz

(d) Jazz

Answer: B

No.-24.  Who was Fred Astaire’s best-known dancing partner?

(a) Mimi Rogers

(b) Ginger Baker

(c) Ethel Waters

(d) Ginger Rogers

Answer: D

No.-25.  Which of these dances was popular in the 1920s?

(a) Watusi

(b) Charleston

(c) Twist

(d) Lambada

(Answer: B

No.-26.  In ballet, what is a glissade?

(a) a stomp

(b) a twirl

(c) a glide

(d) a split

Answer: C

No.-27.  Charles Nègre is known for:

(a) Inventing a method to photograph night scenes

(b) Inventing the first camera

(c) His photographs of Paris

(d) His photographs of cats and dogs

Answer: C

No.-28.  The famous photograph titled Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville (1950) was taken by:

(a) Robert Doisneau

(b) Eugène Atget

(c) André Kertész

(d) Henri Cartier-Bresson

Answer: A

No.-29.  Alfred Steiglitz was a champion of what type of photography?

(a) Fine art photography

(b) Pictorialism

(c) Straight photography

(d) All of these

Answer: D

No.-30.  Which of these photographers was also a director of the MoMA’s photography department?

(a) Edward Weston

(b) Edward Steichen

(c) Berenice Abbott

(d) Walker Evans

Answer: B

Art Quiz

No.-31.  Which one of the following was NOT a street photographer?

(a) Garry Winogrand

(b) Brassaï

(c) Ansel Adams

(d) Lee Friedlander

Answer: C

No.-32.  Who is credited with coining the term the “decisive moment”?

(a) Dorothea Lange

(b) Robert Frank

(c) Henri Cartier-Bresson

(d) John Szarkowski

Answer: C

No.-33.  Robert Frank published a seminal book of street photography titled:

(a) Street Life

(b) The Americans

(c) Places

(d) New Documents

Answer: B

No.-34.  William Eggleston is known for what?

(a) Surrealist photos of plants and trees

(b) Color photographs

(c) Photographs of New York City

(d) Photos of famous actors

Answer: B

No.-35.  This photographer’s large archive of work created in the mid-20th century was discovered by chance in 2007.

(a) Margaret Bourke-White

(b) Elliott Erwitt

(c) Vivian Maier

(d) Julia Margaret Cameron

Answer: C

No.-36.  The “Rayograph” was invented by:

(a) Man Ray

(b) Lucia Moholy

(c) Josef Koudelka

(d) Lazlo Moholy-Nagy

Answer: A

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