Full Form of APK : Android Application Package

What is the Full form of APK?

No:1. The full form of APK is an Android Application Package.
No:2. APK is the application file type used among Android, as well as a wide range in many other Android-based operating application in mobile phones, video games & middleware for distribution and installation.
No:3. APK is similar to other Microsoft Windows software packages such as Debian package or APPX in Debian based software applications.

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Key information about APK

No:1. An APK file contains assets, resources, certificates, manifest file, application programs such as dex files etc.
No:2. Like other file formats, APK files may need any name, but the file name must be finished in the apk file extension for recognition.
No:3. The Android framework helps clients install APK data files only after clicking on a setting known as Unknown Sources, which allows installation from sources apart from branded ones, including Google Play.
No:4. For a variety of reasons, one can do use this, including installing non-store apps or installing an earlier version.
No:5. While it is possible to downgrade an application by uninstalling the new version initially, it is safer to do it through Android Debug Bridge as it allows data to be saved.

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